LoRa Relay as Receiver


This is a Cute LoRa Receiver, at least I think its cute, for bench use that I built up to be sure I always had a LoRa receiver handy. This is one of the small relay boards built as a LoRa receiver. I added a serial connection for the PC and an audio uplink cable to allow payloads to be decoded by FLDIGI on the PC then heat shrinked it all up.

The receiver is small enough to attach direct to the N Type socket I have on my bench, its the feed from the antenna on the shed roof.

2 thoughts on “Small LoRa Receiver”

    1. The processor converts the received LoRa, in this case a high altitude balloon tracker packet in ASCII text format and converts it into audio tones in the form of AFSK RTTY which are then fed into the PC, whereupon FL-Digi decodes them.

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