I keep all the code and projects descriptions I have written for LoRa devices on a dropbox, There is LoRa code for PICAXE, Micromite and Arduino, a number of reports on link testing and completed code for a Lost Model Locator (Arduino) and High Altitude Balloon Tracker (PICAXE and Arduino).  The balloon tracker code covers the setup of the Ublox GPS that is normally used.

Dropbox is Here

Click on the Blue links below to download articles and reports on LoRa tracking and related subjects

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Long Distance Tracking and Monitoring with LoRa
Building a Tracker Transmitter
Building a Tracker Receiver
Transmitter and Receiver options
Self Tracking with LoRa – Arduino Bluetooth link to Android Mapping

Small LoRa Receiver
LoRa Relay – Part 1 – How to Search 500 Square Kilometres in 10 minutes
LoRa Relay – Part 2 – Building the Relay Board
LoRa Relay – Part 3 – Trees

HAB Tracking at Breakfast

Easy Build High Altitude Balloon Tracker 
FSK RTTY versus LoRa
GPS Antennas and the effect on Tracker power consumption

Testing and comparing transmitters, receivers and antennas

Tracking In the Footsteps of Marconi
Searching With LoRa – Lost Something

Reception distances at UHF – My 1000:1 rule
Finding Lost Trackers

Generating UBLOX Configuration Messages

Lost in a (Wet) Forest