I first became interested in tracking applications whilst flying a radio controlled plane at Merthyr common, some 20 miles North of Cardiff in 2011. The plane suffered a failure and crashed into the ground from high altitude. It was never found.

I originally worked as an Electronics design engineer in the early 1980s, when microcontrollers were just comning into use. I decided that I could make some form of tracking device that would allow lost radio controlled models to be found.

Early designs of tracker used simple tone transmitters and body fade RDF techiques. Later I added a GPS to the tracker so that its co-ordinates could be sent by morse code, which could then be heard at long distances despite using low transmit powers to keep the trackers legal.

Following my involvement in the  $50SAT project I started investigating the then new LoRa devices from Semtech in mid 2014, initially for small satellite applications. Several long distance tests using high altitude balloons showed the potential for LoRa for long range tracking. 

I have developed some simple LoRa GPS trackers that can be used in radio control model or similar applications. I make the boards for the trackers avaialble for sale as well as some kits of parts. The Arduino software for the trackers is open source and available on my GITHUB Site.