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  • Library for SX12XX lora devices

    For some time I had thought that an Arduino library for lora that included useful application examples would be...

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  • SX1262 – Improved LoRa Device

    NiceRF recently released a module using the Semtech SX1262 LoRa module. This is for UHF use and seen as an upgrade...

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  • SX1280 Arduino Library

    The Arduino library I was working on for the SX1280 has had a couple of flights running a high...

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  • 2.4Ghz NiceRF SX1280 LoRa Balloon Tracker – Update – Now 89km Achieved !

    Although I have launched a few pico, foil party type balloons, I had not participated in the launch of a ‘real’...

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Best Sellers

  • LCD Receiver Mini Kit

    This is a mini kit to build the LCD Receiver. The receiver has been designed primarily as a LoRa GPS tracker receiver, it’s easy to build and with minimal components. You will need to source some components yourself, the kit does not include an Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V, LCD Display, GPS, UHF antenna or battery. A full list of parts supplied in the mini kit is here;

    Mini Kit Parts List

    £18.00 Price Each
  • DRF1278F Modules and PCB for LoRa Relay

    Order this and you will get two Dorji DRF1278F LoRa modules and a PCB for building two LoRa Relays .

    £7.50 Price Each
  • NiceRF SX1280 LoRa module Mikrobus board

    This board allow you to the NiceRF SX1280 LoRa module on a 0.1″ pin spacing breadboard, stripboard or matrix board.

    £1.00 Price Each

LCD Receiver

A general purpose handheld receiver or transmitter based on Mikrobus modules. Can be fitted with a range of LoRa modules or GPSs

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LoRa SX1280 PCBs

A Mikrobus compatible and breadboard friendly PCB for the NiceRF SX1280 LoRa module.

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What is different about LoRa ?

Unlike other methods of radio communication, LoRa receivers operate below noise level. Thus they can receive signals that are much weaker and have travelled for much greater distances.

So how good is LoRa ?

LoRa devices can typically receive signals at 10 times the distance of other simple tranceiver modules. In addition LoRa can operate at very low data rates which extends range even further.

Tracker GPS not working ?

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Need to search 500sqkm in 10 minutes ?

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