The Arduino library I was working on for the SX1280 has had a couple of flights running a high altitude balloon tracker, and the tracker transmitter and receiver both worked. The library is available for download here;

Its only been used by myself so far, so test any applications you use it for carefully. The ranging function needs some further investigation, I have seen some instances of invalid results returned.


2 thoughts on “SX1280 Arduino Library

  1. Hi Stuart,
    Many thanks for the hard work generating this arduino library- very much appreciated. I have been trying it on 2 x EByte E282G4M12S modules connected to 3.3v 8MHz Pro minis.
    An important tip to anyone trying this: nothing works unless you “reverse” the SPI connections:
    E28 Pin MOSI_RX to Pro-micro MISO (Pin 11)
    E28 Pin MISO_TX to Pro-micro MOSI (Pin 12)

    Now all good. I can only assume this is a quirk of these modules. ( I see in their datasheet the diagram for testing with an STM32 shows this as well)
    Thanks again

  2. Hi Stuart
    It hadn’t occurred to me before but I checked the Pro-mini pinout map and the mistake is there, not with the Ebyte module. Doh! I notice looking around that several Pro-mini pinout maps have the same mistake. Mine was from RobotDyn. Anyway, something which might hold someone else up!
    Thanks again for the great library

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